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1284, Florence, Italy Salvini d'Armato degli Armati as presbyopia, hyperopia patient to produce a first monocular wearable glasses. But the truth on this matter, there are still a little controversial, because the priest Giordano da Rivalto on high quality fake ray bans a mission in 1305 in Florence, is mentioned: Until 20 years ago, they appear craftsmanship glasses.
The first is used to correct presbyopia glasses and slowly spread among the dignitaries promotion. The reason why the name of this glass lenses, because of its shape and lentil seeds very much like. Murano glasses since become production center. The original lens is long handle monocle, followed by eye glasses, the fixation rod can be fixed between the amount of the cap, mounted in the nose or tied in the ears.
Followed by the gradual emergence of myopia, hyperopia define, elaborate, and glasses to correct compensation fine solution. Until the late 15th early 16th century, it appears myopia, Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa first reference the term concave buy fake ray bans online lens, but did not give details of his application in ophthalmology.
The first painting on the myopia of Jan van Eyck painted in 1436, is now the Brussels Fine Arts Museum. In 1578 in France, first used the term "myopia" (myopia) to describe the "near-sightedness" (near vision), myopia because things will be squinting to see Qingyuan, blepharophimosis reduce (myopia corresponding Greek is closed contraction means).
1611, Kepler wrote the first book on convex, concave lens fake ray bans for clubmaster correction. In 1623, Benito Daza de Vades publishing books, detailing the classification of the lens and the corresponding field of view, and even recommend the use of smoked glass to avoid damage of the sun. Glasses for the correction of astigmatism after several centuries after the emergence, Young in 1801 for the first time to be recorded.
Early use of glasses is very limited, but gradually increased. The lens may improve vision in patients with refractive errors and promote scientific development.
The advent of the microscope
Earlier than the invention of the telescope microscope. From the beginning of the 13th century, it was found that lens of a magnifying glass, but for a telescope to observe distant objects and high magnification microscope appeared 300 years later. Only empty fake ray bans glasses tube distal lens can be used to observe objects under well-lit conditions.
At the beginning of the 17th century, Dutch spectacle maker Hans Janssen and his son Zaccharias Janssen study of Juan Roget telescope, be increased by changing the distance between the lens and the lens to improve the image quality of near objects.
Observation of the hollow cylinder and one end of the object lens has one end fixed to the observer. Although there is no save Jannsen microscope, but one replicate: 3 constitutes a sliding tube diameter 7.6cm, enlarged three times or up to 9-fold (Fig. 3). Subsequently, when the telescope to observe objects increased support, maintain parts of the structure. Invention of the microscope can let people see the invisible structure.
Athanasius Kircher versatile Jesuit priest, in fake ray bans online 1646 he used a microscope to observe the dead of the plague of blood, the blood of infected persons found to have "little worm" and proposed a microbial infection is likely to be caused by the plague, recommended to wear masks to avoid inhalation of bacteria, isolated infection, burned clothing and other measures to control patient spread of the disease. Now clear, Kircher not see microbes or pathogens Jessen called pestis, but the white blood cells and red blood cells.